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Dec 272014

As most of you probably are not aware, there are major changes in the collection of VAT in EU nations that go into effect on January 1, 2015. Previously VAT was determined based on the location of the seller and I, as a US citizen didn’t have to pay attention to VAT unless I was buying something from the EU. Starting in 2015 that changes and VAT will be determined and collected based on the location of the buyer. Since I have a couple patterns for sale, and people in the EU have bought them in the past and may choose to buy them in the future, this makes VAT something I have to collect and remit to the proper countries.

Fortunately for me, Ravelry has been amazing and has worked out a system for handing EU purchasers off to sites that are set up to handle VAT. I had a few options to choose from, and for now I have chosen what seems like the simplest: I am hosting my patterns on Ravelry and EU buyers will be given a link to PayHip should they choose to purchase. Since PayHip is not an EU only platform I have gone back and added PayHip links to my pattern posts here as well, for those that do not wish to use the Ravelry links for whatever reason.

In the interests of transparency, right now my sales are low enough that Ravelry does not charge me for hosting my patterns and the full price you pay goes to me. Sales through PayHip are not free, but the commission rate is fair. So if you are outside the EU and this sort of thing matters to you, please use the Ravelry links.

Thank you for buying my patterns.

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