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Impressing Myself

Mar 182014

I started this in December, not long after I saw the still from Catching Fire that made all the knitters on the internet want to knit That Sweater.

Talar - Mockingjay Front Talar - Mockingjay Back

Every single stitch in everything but the white ribbing is twsited, both knit and purl, including decreases both left and right leaning. For the knitters that will mean something; everyone else: suffice to say that it slowed me down a bit.

I’m so happy with it that if I had other colors of this bamboo thread I’d be seriously tempted to start another one.

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“Impressing Myself”

  1. Avatar February 17th, 2016 at 11:27 am joy mardon Says:

    wow to the jumper. Lovely work and with all the twisted stitches to make the work lean in the correct direction. Good on you. you have done a beautiful job.

    Now for the question… are you going to do this as a pattern for sale? if so – I would love to purchase the pattern. So much effort into do it right. Love it.

  2. Avatar February 17th, 2016 at 5:30 pm Tephra Says:

    Lionsgate, and other companies, involved with Hunger Games were pretty aggressive in going after people making patterns based on things in the movies (the best replica of the one shoulder shrug/cowl thing was forced down for instance) when I knit this, so I never wrote it up as a pattern. My Ravelry notes are pretty thorough though, if you have an account there.

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