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Summery BJD Shoes

Jun 282014

After making five pairs the pattern is done!

The prototype:

Crochet Lace Sandal Wedges

The heel foot refinement (also playing with color):

Tri-Color Sandals

The flats, to be sure they work:

Emerald Flats

And two pairs to send off to see if they fit Planet Doll mini girls:

Shriara's Flats Shriara's Wedges

The flats are more likely to fit, even though I made the wedges for flat feet. Doll feet vary a lot in shape and I found that the wedges fit differently on my Dollzone girl than they do on the Resinsoul girls.

Yarn: #10 crochet thread – The shoes above are a combination of Red Heart Classic, Aunt Lydia’s, and vintage Knit-Cro-Sheen.
Hook: US #7 steel (1.65mm)

Other stuff you will need:
4 small beads, optional, for the ends of the shoe ties (3-4mm beads or 6/0 “E” beads suggested)
1 piece of stiff clear plastic, such as from a piece of packaging or food container, to make a template for cutting the sole
Fine point permanent marker for writing on the plastic
Acetone (nail polish remover) to remove the marker from the plastic
Soling material – cork tile, card stock, chipboard, mat board, craft foam, etc.
White craft glue, or other glue suited to your thread and soling material
Clear nail polish or Fray Check for sealing the tie ends if desired

The pattern is for sale in my Ravelry story for $4 and uses US crochet terms.

This pattern is also available on PayHip.

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